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The Douro Region, initially known only for Port Wine, is a place of unique landscapes, primarily focused towards wine production in its sun-facing downhill mountain-sides.
Based on the latest research, many vineyards have been improved and wine castes were selected according to the weather and soil conditions of the region, having an additional investment been made in the technological upgrade of wine cellars, as well as the supervision of all manufacturing and lot selection processes by experts, which has culminated in a increased international recognition of the Douro originated table wines and an exponential increase in tourism for the region.

In this realm, whose trademark images are the Porto and Douro wines, there is also the production, albeit at a smaller scale, of olives and olive oil, in a regime of naturally biological traditional agriculture, focusing on quality instead of quantity.


PORTTABLE® Produtos Alimentares Lda., headquartered in the Upper Douro, within the international Parque Natural do Douro, carefully selects some of the best portuguese wine and olive derivative products, whose transformation is processed in legally licensed and environmentally suitable industrial facilities, equipped with the proper technology to process and control the quality of the product, fulfilling all requisites imposed by the rules for hygiene and food safety.

For many years, PORTTABLE®, Lda., has had a nearly exclusive industrial leaning, which we chose to verticalize, starting with ARRIBAS DO DOURO® and PORTTABLE® brands development to commercialize our products, which will surely make a regular and sought-after appearance on many consumers' tables in different countries.
Through this website we will present our wines, olive oils, olives tapenade and de-pitted olives.

Porttable Arribas do Douro


Porttable, Produtos Alimentares Lda. owns two farms with 120 hectares of olive groves. Both farms are located in the Douro region, always having the river at its limit.
At Quinta da Matança, the company has its olives factory, where we produce and store the most of our products.
The company also owns an olive oil mill, where olives are transformed into olive oil. Many other producers use our Olive Oil mill to produce their olive oils. In this factory, we select our best olive oil batches for our brand PORTTABLE®.

  • 2015
    Wine production started.

  • 2014
    Starts developing products with its brands.

  • 2001
    Enters olive oil industry.

  • 1999
    Opens it's olive factory.

  • 1998
    Porttable, Lda. is founded

  • 1986
    Quinta da Matança is acquired by the company’s founders.

  • 1950
    The family acquires Quinta d’Alva.

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