Pitted Olives

Porttable's Pitted Olives in Olive Oil


Confident about the high quality of our olives as a raw material, we decided to create a product able to provide a completely new experience in the way people use olives as na appetiser. In order to distinguish ourselves from other olive suppliers, we decided to create our unique Green Pitted Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Green Pitted Olives in Olive Oil

Green Pitted Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are also processed from our own “Negrinha de Freixo” olive cultivar production. The PORTTABLE® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in which the olives are submersed, not only acts as seasoning but also as a natural preservative, along with the garlic and other used condiments. The final product aims to complemente the meal, bringing to the consumer the notorious traits of the Mediterranean cuisine. Available in 300gr glass containers.
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