Portuguese gastronomic habits are passing through a positive international recognition as a symbol of quality and healthy routine. Wines and other Portuguese food products are holding hands and the habits of consuming “Made in Portugal” are growing worldwide. Allying quality to healthy gastronomic routines, the brand PORTTABLE® has the goal of taking portuguese agro-food products to more consumers worldwide. Portugal at your table is our mission.


The Douro Region, initially known only for Port Wine, is a place of unique landscapes, primarily focused towards wine production in its sun-facing downhill mountain-sides.

Based on the latest research, many vineyards were improved using grape varieties that would take advantage of the weather and soil conditions of the region to originate better wines, having an additional investment been made in the technological upgrade of wine cellars, as well as the supervision of all manufacturing and lot selection processes by wine experts, which has culminated in increased international recognition of the Douro originated table wines and an exponential increase in tourism for the region.

In this realm, whose trademark images are the Porto and Douro wines, there is also the production, albeit at a smaller scale, of olives and olive oil, in a regime of naturally biological traditional agriculture, focusing on quality instead of quantity.


The Massa Family is a family with several generations of direct connection to the small village of Freixo de Espada a Cinta. For more than two hundred years, they’ve been linked to agriculture in this region. Back then, owning the biggest farm in the Superior Douro, Quinta d’Alva, with more than 500 hectares, they used to be the largest European almond producers. Nowadays, in the heart of the Douro International Park, where the landscape is filled with beautiful vineyards, olive groves and rocky hills touching the sky, we can find the family’s farms Quinta d’Alva and Quinta Arribas do Douro, as well as one of our factories and the company’s headquarters: Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda., created in 1999.

The two farms, sharing its’ lower borders with the Douro river across more than 2 km, are the crib for most of the raw material that give birth to our products. The remaining raw materials are purchased from local producers and criteriously selected throughout the year to guarantee the quality parameters during crop that the brand(s) have established.

As a company, we aim to be proud representants of one of the most prestigious and remote regions of Portugal across the globe.


Located inside our farm “Quinta Arribas do Douro”, our olive factory was built in 1994 as a desire of our managing partner to spread the name of the olives cultivar “Negrinha de Freixo” as one of the most exquisite table olives variety. This is where we provide a new life to our olives, turning them into our gourmet selection and Horeca products, produced using other brands such as Arribas do Douro, Duas Torres, among others.


Our olive mill, originally built in 1997 and totally renovated with state of the art machinery in 2007, is normally put to work between mid October and the end of December.

Here, we receive our olives as well as from other producers from our region. Having the olive oil as a unique delicacy, we set the highest quality standards in the selection of the core products and in separating them before the final blend so that the true excellence of the Superior Douro terroir can be enjoyed.