Our extra virgin olive oils are born from traditional olive groves in the Tras os Montes and Douro Region, one of the most beautiful and isolated areas in Portugal. Filled with vineyards and olive trees, this area is rich in unique landscapes where cliffy rocky mountains meet the Douro river across the border with Spain. Negrinha de Freixo, Cobrancosa, Verdeal Transmontana and Madural are the four local varieties we use in our olive oils, handpicked between mid-October and late December. All the olive oils produced in our region reveal low levels of acidity and a typically greenish colour.

We produce three classes of extra virgin olive oils, one of which with biological certification: Premium, Organic and Original. The olive oils are available in 500ml (16,9 fl oz.) glass containers.


Olive oil lovers will fall in love with this one!

  • Intense Fruity, Fresh and Green Taste, with hints of green banana, tomato leaf and a slightly light flavor of dry fruits. Bitter and spicy;
  • Early harvested between mid October to mid November using only green and premature olives of the best quality with a premium selection process;
  • Ideal for: The richness of flavors and aromas in this olive oil make it the perfect complement for seasoning salads, dipping hot bread or finishing light fish meals.


A premium oil raised 100% organically!

  • Medium to Intense Fruity, Fresh and Green Taste, with green apple notes. Soft bitterness and less spicy than the Premium;
  • Early harvested beginning on the first week of November only with still green and premature olives;
  • Ideal for: Highly recommended as a perfect replacement for butter in your morning toasts, this olive oil is also suitable for seasoning salads or finishing light fish meals.
  • Naturally Blended


The sweetest thing!

  • Soft and fruity taste, with tasting notes of artichoke, mature tomato, mature apple. Not bitter or spicy. Soft Fruity;
  • Late harvested between mid-november to late december using only matured olives;
  • Ideal for: Perfect complement for intense flavored dishes, such as codfish, tuna or meat. Also good for cooking.