Olives Specialty Products

Testify a new experience in the way olives can be eaten!

The “Negrinha de Freixo” olives variety is a table olives variety that exists in the 20 square quilometers surrounding the remote village of Freixo de Espada a Cinta. This DDP variety, considered to be the tastiest Portuguese table olives variety, has a share of more than 80% of our olive groves. Using these olives in different stages of maturation, we create beautiful olives tapenade as well as four different types of green pitted olives immersed in extra virgin olive oil seasoned with different spices.

The Olive Tapenades.  

Why Butter?

Olives Tapenade is always a better idea!

  • Two different types: Green and Black (Mature Olives) Tapenade. Early harvest vs. Late harvest, the Green is intense and fresh while the Black is a soft and smooth olives tapenade;
  • Simple consumption along with toast or bread;
  • Available in 100gr (3.5 oz) and 200gr (7.05 oz) size.

The Pitted Olives in Olive Oil.

Leading the consumer to the notorious traits of the Mediterranean diet!

  • Four different types: Garlic, Rosemary, Chilly and Herbs: our regional mixture of bay leaf, oregano, and garlic;
  • Immersed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Acts as a natural preservative, a seasoning for salad or cooking or to be used for dipping bread in a delicious flavor;
  • 100% Natural;
  • Available in 300gr (10.2 fl oz) size.